Special Issue “Sustainable Pig Production”

Together with the coordinators of PigSys and SusPigSys we have opened a special issue on sustainable pig production in the journal Sustainability. This issue is now open for submission! 



Wendy Rauw

Sabine Dippel

Barbara Sturm

SusPig 1st Year meeting

17-18th of December 2018

Madrid, Spain





Eranet SusAn Kickoff meeting

23rd-24th of November 2017

Bilbao, Spain


SusPig Kickoff meeting

23rd of October 2017

Madrid, Spain


Can european pigs thrive on local feedstuffs like rapeseed meal and DDGS? 

SusPig was presented at the Feed Protein Vision 2018 event on 6-7 March in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

Margareth Ă˜verland from NMBU and Wendy Rauw from INIA presented examples of pig production moving towards an increased use of local feedstuffs.


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