Work Packages

Develop tools to evaluate the consequences of improved FE for robustness traits, using e.g. biomarkers, that can be used to improve robustness through genetic selection.

WP Leader: Hélène Gilbert

Evaluate in different breeds the relationship between improved FE and robustness traits, with different feed types.

WP Leader: Margareth Øverland

Evaluate with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) the environmental and social impacts of (genetically) improving FE on different feed resources. Outcomes of WP1-2 and available data will be used as input in LCA at different scales. Outcomes of WP3 will be used as input in WP4.

WP Leader: Ilias Kyriazakis

Design, based on input from WP1-3 and from stakeholders, a production system with improved FE that is more sustainable with regard to environmental and social aspects.

WP Leader: Lotta Rydhmer

Dissemination of information and results to the scientific community, the stakeholders and the

WP Leader: Wendy Rauw

Overall project management ensuring project progress, conformity with the work plan, and optimization of the project setup.

WP Leader: Wendy Rauw